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We believe that everyone appreciates great music, although classical performances can be reformed in order for them to be more alluring to the public. Therefore, our quartet, which is a cultural start-up venture, was brought to life in the summer of 2012 with a special aim. We resolved to appear in cultural life with a radically different string-quartet, operations, programs and a unique musical approach differing from its traditional approach.

In the beginning of the 21st century the audience seemed to drift away from the performer. This is why we would like to win a new audience for the high standard culture.  An old tradition called “home music” is being renewed with a unique image and the help of modern management.  It is not surprising that alongside this philosophy, we differ from the well-known quartet stereotypes in all aspects.

Unconventionally, we use a double bass instead of a cello and personally welcome our audience before each concert. Our performances are interactive and offer many surprises to each program. The audience can arrive with their children and throw away their previously conceived rules of a typical concert hall. Our performances will take place at lesser-known concert venues. At the end of each performance, we can assure that no one will be rushing to the cloakroom: our audience will be graciously invited to stay longer and converse with each other and the artists.

Members of the Quartet

Selmeczi GaborGábor Selmeczi

Guest violinist of Budapest Festival Orchestra, Vienna Opera House Orchestra and Vienna Philharmonics. 

Kostyal Peter


Péter Kostyál

Violinist of Budapest Festival Orchestra.



Fekete ZoltanZoltán Fekete

Viola artist of Budapest Festival Orchestra and Erkel Ferenc Chamber Orchestra.


Martos Attila


Attila Martos

Double bass artist of Budapest Festival Orchestra – spent several years in Japan as an invited phrase leader of double bass at Orchestra Ensemble Kanazawa.


“Musical Treat”

We call our self directed performances “Musical Treats”. These are free of charge (previous on-line registration is necessary) and we welcome the audience with music of the utmost standards, delicacies of gastronomy and surprises that can be won on the spot. These Musical Treats are prepared with new transcriptions and are always carefully moderated with our expertise.

It often happens that seats are reserved within minutes of open online registration.The Musical Treats are always full house performances with the power of community creation. Many people attend these performances: people who are not regular concert goers or people who initially stayed away from classical music until something new and unconventional was offered.


Joseph Lanner

Joseph Lanner

Oil painting by Philipp Steidler
(Wien Museum Karlsplatz, Vienna)

Peer of Schubert, violinist, conductor and composer. Lanner can be considered as the father of waltz – classical music and entertaining music were dissevered at that time. He was a real musician: he was organizing his own concerts, leading an orchestra. He was passionate about music and everything else in connection with it. Johann Strauss Sr. was also learning from him. He visited Budapest many times and he composed several pieces to Hungarians.

We chose Lanner as a name of our orchestra because of his approach and intellectuality. We would like the audience to get to know his name because his work was ahead of the Strauss family’s time and his reputation was contended with them in his own era.


Our performances are pleasant and entertaining: from the masterpieces of Viennese classics to the waltz of Joseph Lanner or the Strauss family. Even rarely performed pieces can be heard in our high standard compilations. The following artists’ work and transcriptions can be found on our repertoire currently:

W.A.Mozart, F.Schubert, J.Lanner, Johann Strauss, Sr.,Jr., Josef Strauss, P.I.Csajkovszkij, D.Sosztakovics, I.Albeniz, L.Godowsky, C.Gounod, J.Offenbach, A.Ponchielli, G.Rossini, P.Mascagni, G.Verdi, R.Wagner, F.Kreisler, P.Ábrahám, D.Buday, T.Polgár, A.Márkus, L.Weiner, B.Bartók, A.Piazzolla